Peugeot 108 on Motability. No upfront payments

Motability Offers on the Peugeot 108 at Struans Dundee & Perth

Please note the prices below were only valid until 31/03/20. Due to the current situation Motability are temporarily not accepting new applications so no new prices have been released yet, but we will update them here as soon as they become available.

The 108 is an ideal car around town being economical, nimble and easy to park with its light steering.

All 108 models are available with NIL advance payment including the top of the range Allure TOP Cabriolet 1.0 Manual or 2-Tronic.

A bonus with the 108 is that none of the models use up your full allowance so you will receive payment of the difference, for example the 108 Active 1.0 3dr only used up £56.25 of the weekly allowance leaving you money that can go towards fuel or other costs.

Remember you can order your car up to 3 months in advance to take advantage of these offers plus if you currently have a Motability car and return it in good condition you could be eligible for a 'Good Condition Bonus' that has just doubled to £500!

These offers are valid for orders placed by and 31/03/2020. Please note all vehicles are subject to availability.