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Van Rental at Struans Perth

Whether you want to move a single item or a house load of furniture we have a range of Peugeot diesel vans to rent from our Perth branch.

Please note we are currently closed on Sundays

Our vans are normally under a year old so you can be sure you're getting a modern, well maintained vehicle. All have air conditioning, 3 seats and most have built in satellite navigation.

Important information for hirers :

.... Holders of a photocard style driving licence must now obtain a Check Code from DVLA and bring it with them when hiring. This code allows us to check your licence for points and is valid for up to 21 days but can only be used once. Click Here to obtain your Check Code..

If you would like to take one of our vans to a Perth & Kinross Council Recycling Centres including Shore Road then please note that the Rental Agreement we issue can be shown at the centre to give you access and you do not need to buy a permit. If carrying garden waste or building materials/rubble then you must use coverings to protect the plywood lining in the van and avoid potential cleaning charges - we are able to rent out tarpaulin sheets for £5 if you do not have your own.

4 HoursDailyWeekly
Any 4 hours between 08.00 and 17.00
Not available Saturday or Sunday
24 hours
from time of collection
7 days for the
price of 5
Boxer SWB£36£60

Boxer MWB£40£68

Boxer LWB£43£75

Boxer Extra LWB

Luton with tail-lift
New larger size


Scroll down to see van dimensions.

To make a reservation please call us on Perth 01738 - 606360 or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button above and one of our staff will get back to you.

We are open Monday-Friday 08.00 - 17.00 and Saturday 08.00 - 12.00

The above rates include VAT and comprehensive insurance for a driver over 25 (see below for drivers aged 21-24). Drivers must show their full driving licence plus additional ID including proof of address, and UK photocard licence holders must also bring a DVLA Check Code.

Please note all our vehicles are no smoking and pets are not allowed.

Mileage - The following mileage allowances apply to the above rates - 4 hours include a mileage allowance of 75 and Daily has a 150 miles per day allowance. Excess mileage is charged at 15p per mile (in winter at times of bad weather this daily charge may be increased).

Fuel - Rates exclude diesel and the vans must be returned at the same level they are collected with. The fuel consumption can vary a lot depending on the type of driving, whether it's town or motorway, and the weight of what's being carried but you might expect roughly 35-40mpg from an Expert van (approx 17p per mile), 30-35mpg from a Boxer (approx 20p per mile) or 25mpg from a Luton (25p per mile). Please note these figures are just to give a rough idea and we do not guarantee them. When vehicles are brought back with a shortfall of fuel we charge a re-fuelling cost of the estimated pump price + 25%.

Insurance excess - Our standard insurance means that you are liable for a maximum £600 damage to the hire vehicle. You can reduce this liability down to just £50 by paying an additional £10 per day.

Vehicle returns - although it is best for vehicles to be returned while we are open so that they can be inspected while you are there, we do have an out of hours facility for returning keys in the evening or on Sundays (not allowed with 4 hour hires which must be during our opening hours).

Driver restrictions - Drivers aged 21-24 must have had held their full licence at least 24 months with no points on it and must pay a Young Drivers Supplement of £5 per day. Drivers aged 25-75 must have held a full licence at least 12 months and if they have any of the following convictions on their licence they can only be accepted if approved by our insurance company (available Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00 excl Bank Holidays) -more than 2 convictions/ more than 6 points on their licence/ one of the following convictions: AC-BA-CD-DD-DR-IN-MS-UT. In addition drivers aged 76-80 can only be accepted if they have no more than one minor conviction in the last 24 months. Our upper age limit is 80. Any driver who has been disqualified must have had their licence back at least 4 years.

Payment - The cost of the van rental is charged when collecting the vehicle with any additional charges such as excess mileage are automatically charged at the end of the hire. Payment can be made by credit card (excluding American Express or Diners) or debit card, we no longer accept cash. If extending the van hire then the additional payment must be made before the original hire period ends. Please note we require the signature of any card holder and cannot accept payment by 3rd parties over the phone.

Approx Load Area Dimensions Length at floor/ mid height*Maximum width / at wheel arches*Internal Height*Volume
Partner Long2.15m 1.50m / 1.20m
Expert2.35m /
1.60m / 1.25m
Boxer SWB
2.65m / 2.45m
1.85m / 1.38m
Boxer MWB3.10m / 2.90m 1.85m / 1.38m 1.80m 11.5m3
Boxer LWB3.70m / 3.50m 1.85m / 1.38m 1.80m 13m3
Boxer Extra LWB3.70m / 3.86m 1.85m / 1.38m 1.80m 15m3
Luton4.10m 2.05m / 2.05m 2.30m 20m3

* These are the maximum sizes of the internal load area. Please note that the height and width are less than the maximum at the door opening. All our vans have sloping metal bulkheads behind the seats and this reduces the length the higher up the van you go. Luton vans have an additional large storage above the cab which is not included in these van sizes.

Examples of typical payloads (without driver) are : Partner - 970kg, Expert - 1100kg, Boxer SWB - 1130kg, Boxer MWB - 1375kg, Boxer LWB - 1525kg, Boxer XLWB - 1440kg Luton - 824kg.

Please let us know if you need exact details on a van you are renting.